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Shining Force III Scenario Two [1998] Saturn has been ANALYZED!

This game wasn’t released in the United States. But it’s the sequel to a great game that was, and we played it in English at long last. You’ll witness political intrigue—and chase a pig. Interact with a warrior that’s like a brother, and a blood brother whose a jerk.

Shining Force III is a quality game that still has a following, and is part of a franchise that keeps on giving. Jump in with us and see what this epic series is all about, ad maybe some other fun analyses will catch your eye.

The Play What You Like SRPG Compendium

The stylized enemies are visually fun—but no pigs?

Shining Force III Scenario Two [1998] Saturn

Check out the analysis if:

  1. You’re looking for an epic trilogy (that kind of has four parts.)

  2. You know “Shining Force” is not sequel to that awesome 1980’s movie “Megaforce.”

  3. You enjoy political intrigue without all the name-calling.

  4. You’re curious about whether Medion’s armor is acid resistent.



Jeanne d’Arc [2007] PSP has been ANALYZED!

Looking for a game that takes you off the beaten path? One that not only has human units but humanoids from half of the zoo? Then look no further than Jeanne D’Arc for the PSP! It’s a quality outing that won’t leave you with indecision about whether or not you like it. And it provides no shortage of content.

Jeanne also offers some unique mechanics definitely worth checking out. Plus a magic for everybody system that will leave you feeling like Santa Claus. And, since Joan of Arc is a know historical character, there’s plenty of cosplay to add to the fun of this analysis.

The Play What You Like SRPG Compendium

“It’s not to big. We can take it!”

The Jeanne D’Arc [2007] Analysis

Check out the analysis if:

  1. You like SRPGs that have units right out of Thundercats!

  2. You know “Jeanne D’Arc” is more than a new European pop band.

  3. You want to see history as it never was.

  4. You’re curious to see someone tangle with this girl.


Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising [2003] GBA has been ANALYZED!

Advance Wars [2001] was a great game. How do you compete with that? Some might say, “You can’t!” Others might encourage you to build on the existing foundation and make something different, but good in its own right.

So what path did the makers of Advance Wars: Black Hole Rising choose? Oh the mystery! Intelligent Design, the developers behind this and other quality games have a fine pedigree. But pedigree does not necessarily insure success. Go and check out what happened.

The Play What You Like SRPG Compendium

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising [2003] ANALYSIS

Check out the analysis if:

  1. You want to see how the game crushes your carefully wrought strategies.

  2. You know it has nothing really to do with black holes and you’re just curious about the game.

  3. You marvel at the immense papercraft and perler devotion this franchise inspires.

  4. You’re wondering what makes this unassuming girl such a “dangerous enemy commander!”

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones [2005] GameBoy Advance has been ANALYZED!

fire-emblem-sacred-stones-title-animation-v5Looking for a great SRPG franchise? Fire Emblem is there for you. In fact, you’ve come in a game late! Go back and start with Fire Emblem [2003]. Then grab this game, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones [2005].

It’s a fine example of SRPG fun with great pixel graphics and an analysis that sports a fantastical dedication to cosplay! Few SRPG franchises have the longevity or consistent quality of Fire Emblem. It’s got pirates! See for yourself!

The Play What You Like SRPG Compendium


Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones [2005] ANALYSIS

Check out the analysis if:

  1. You thought “Fire Emblem” was some sort of tattoo app.

  2. You’re a fan of excellent pixel art.

  3. You played a recent Fire Emblem and want more.

  4. You’re curious as to why so many people dress as Fire Emblem characters!



A Special Matsuno Page Has Been Added!

Who is Yasumi Matsuno?

He’s a man who’s played a significant role in why Play What You Like exists. He’s referenced often enough and his accomplishments are significant enough to warrant their own page.

The Play What You Like SRPG Compendium


The Matsuno Family of SRPGs

Check out the page if:

  1. You’re curious about this man’s amazing accomplishments.

  2. You want to know if those cats are his.

  3. You can’t read the temperature on the thermostat.

  4. You wonder if the man is a fan of the rock band Queen.

Disclaimer: You won’t get answers for questions two & three. Question four is answered here.



Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance [2005] GameCube has been ANALYZED!

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance_cut_scene_grell

Looking for a challenging game with bird people, beast people, and a guy who can beat you with a stick? Look no further than Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the GameCube. The Fire Emblem franchise has been releasing quality games to American shores since Fire Emblem [2003] on the GameBoy Advance. Path of Radiance continues that tradition.

This game supplies plenty of fun tactical RPG action. There’s also a lot of good cosplay for it, and our take shows plenty. Be thrilled and entertained by our cogent analysis and by people dressed up like birds, cats, and a dreaded black knight.

The Play What You Like SRPG Compendium

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance_ship_battle

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance [2005] ANALYSIS

Check out the analysis if:

  1. You like SRPGs with mounted units. (A Pegasus in 3D!)

  2. You know “Fire Emblem” is not a brand of fireplace log.

  3. You want a quality 40+ hour experience on your old dusty GameCube.

  4. You’re curious as to why these bird people look so bored.

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Cosplay Heron Reyson Leanne 01


Land of Legends [2005] PC has been ANALYZED!


Want to know what elfin archers do when they get mad? Then look no farther than Land of Legends! It’s got elves, gnomes, vampires, and just about every fantasy class ever invented.

Land of Legends is a small indie game that proved to be more fun than its size. It implements some innovative mechanics that make for a fun and thought provoking game experience. Does it perhaps have too much content? Yes. Will you see what elf archers do when angry? Look below…


The Play What You Like SRPG Compendium

"Why do you keep shooting me there!"

“Why do you keep shooting me there!”

Land of Legends [2005] ANALYSIS

Check out the analysis if:

  1. You like cute elf archers with dangerous aim.

  2. You think naming the evil bad guy “Evil” is noteworthy.

  3. You’ve been looking for thought provoking gameplay mechanics for your PC.

  4. Have I mentioned it has elves? (That don’t look like the picture below…)



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